Renae in a flowery dress 

Renae ‘s flower dress shoot

P1300701  P1300708

These photos were taken after church today, with My Darling GX7’s kit lens. I just decided I’d travel light and not carry the zoom lens today.

Renae is my subject here, and one of my favourite subjects. This is because she’s usually up for a bit of fun and something sensibly fresh or different every time.

See Renae’s shots here.

The Choir looked pretty in a variety of flowery dresses today and you can see her wearing hers when you follow the link.

About the photos:

I like what happened with the glass door behind.  I like the contrast with the fragile glass and the concrete brick pretty much like those masterpieces you find in the Tate museum where there are elements in the background that tell you about the character of the subject.  I also like the piping and the horizontal and vertical lines that happened quite naturally in the background in one of the shots.  It broke up the space in a more interesting way.

When you zoom in closer, you still want to frame and get your subject’s good side  So you could lock in your focus and then move about a little bit.

Renae  is fond of her eyelashes showing so I hope I have done a good job there !

If you are photographing a curvy or bigger sized model, the poses that you choose should be as slimming as much as possible.

I love to photograph and make people look good.  I love to bring out the beauty in each subject.

Eyes are just so expressive and sometimes looking in the subject’s eyes as they look at the camera, you might notice a bit of cheek or vulnerability or wisdom shining out of their eyes.

So there we have it these were our shots at church today.

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